Revitalizing New York with Every Recycle

Transforming construction waste into the bedrock of a greener Big Apple.

Turning Your Construction Debris into Tomorrow's Foundations.

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Diverse Materials for Every Construction Vision

At New York Recycling, we provide a variety of recycled and virgin aggregates, each processed with precision, ensuring your project's foundation is as robust as it is sustainable.
New York State DOS & DEC Certified Dumping facility
New York State Approved DOT Material Provider
CHWMEG Con Edison Certified
New York State DOT Approved 304.11 (Recycled Item 4)
3/4" Recycled Aggregate
Recycled Item 4 (contractors blend)
Screened Fill
1.5" - 3" Recycled Aggregate
Con-Ed Approved Screenings
3/4" Virgin Blue Stone
1 1/2" Virgin Blue Stone
NYC Dep. of Parks and Recreation Approved Top Soil
Concrete Sand/Mason Sand
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Green Foundation for  New York's Future.

Based in the Bronx, New York Recycling repurposes construction waste into premium recycled aggregates, fusing eco-responsibility with top-tier quality for the city's builders.
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Crafting Sustainable Solutions for Every Construction Need.

Dump Site Services
Efficient and convenient dumping solutions, handling materials responsibly for you.
Aggregate Supply
Your one-stop shop for quality recycled aggregates, tailored to fit all construction needs.
Rapid Turnaround
Maximize productivity with our swift processing, ensuring your projects proceed without delay.
We tailor solutions to fit your specific construction and recycling needs.   Request a Custom Quote
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Effortless Drop-Off, 
Sustainable Results

At New York Recycling, we've streamlined the drop-off process for your construction waste. Entrust us with your materials, and watch as we transform them into the bedrock of future projects, ensuring quality and reliability at every step.
New York
475 Exterior Street, Bronx, New York 10451

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Tons Upcycled
Turning waste into eco-friendly construction solutions.
Supported Builds
Boosting NYC builds with sustainable aggregate choices.
Happy Partners
Reflecting our dedication to quality and collaboration.
“In this city, time's money. New York Recycling gets that. I drop off, they do their magic, and I'm back on the road.”
Tony Sorrentino
Sorrentino & Sons Construction

Do your part to keep a
green big apple

Join the movement towards a sustainable future with New York Recycling. Be a part of the change and ensure your business leaves a lasting legacy, not waste.